Your support is means everything. I'm humbled to be living out a dream of mine in the world of makeup and lashes.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. My early years were marked by a passionate pursuit of figure skating, spanning a decade of competitive dedication. I would train for months and months for the days of competition, wearing that beautiful rhinestoned dress, performing and looking my absolute best is where my affinity for makeup first took root.

As I transitioned to school life, I found myself on the dance and drill team, honing my skills in makeup and applying lashes for performances. While I was not great at it in the beginning, it was the genesis of a lasting passion. Sitting down with my makeup brushes, creating art, was therapeutic to me. This period I also saw the requests from friends seeking a makeup service for special events, prompting a pivotal career move. 

Seeing my clients radiate confidence as their makeup came together, and the transformative touch of lashes, was so influential. It wasn't just about the makeup; it was about empowerment, and sharing a piece of myself. Lashes for me are a defining item. This conviction led to the birth of LAWLESS LASHESS.
My passion lies in unlocking potential within people, promoting confidence, and providing support to those in my circle. Sharing my creations is a privilege, and I hope they resonate with you as profoundly as they do with me.
With love,